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Slow Smoked Authentic BBQ cooked fresh at your event.


Messy Package

(Choice of 1 Meat, 2 Sides)

Wicked Messy Package

(Choice of 2 
Meats, 2 Sides)

Mesy Tailgater Package

(Smoked BBQ Wings, Sausage, Peppers & Onions, Southern Tater Salad, Served with Rolls or Cornbread)

Messy Sandwich Package

(Choose between pulled pork and pulled chicken, choice of 1 side, Served with Rolls or Cornbread)

Messy Pig Roast

Whole Pig rubbed with Messy Mikes’s pork rub, slow smoked for hours, and presented with
the traditional apple in its mouth on a bed of fresh greens and
garnishes, served with choice of 1 meat, 2 side)

Wood Smoked BBQ Meats

Pulled Pork – St. Louis Style Ribs +$2 – Baby Back Ribs +$3

Big Beef Ribs – Texan Style Brisket +$3 – Pulled Brisket

Chicken Wings – Chicken Thighs – Pulled Chicken

Grilled Meats Over Charcoal

Sausage, Peppers & Onions

Messy Mike’s Own Marinated Steak Tips

Homemade Sides Dishes

Everlasting Slaw – Mac & Cheese w/Bacon – Southern Tater Salad

Smokey Sweet Baked Beans  – Corn on Cobb – Cornbread

*Additional charges and terms may apply